What’s included in the Ultimate Independence Day Bundle?

Real Estate Knowledge Towards Financial Freedom Through Community, Connection, and Collaboration.
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What’s included in the Ultimate Independence Day Bundle?

You get a total of 36 different online courses, templates, trainings and analyzers…
Here’s what’s included:
Remember, when you buy now, you get access to
The Ultimate REI Trainings Bundle,
The Ultimate REI Templates Bundle,
The Ultimate REI Super Duper Extra Bonus Trainings Bundle, which includes:
The 7 Most Critical Steps in Starting Your REI Business Online Course

  • Module 1: Deciding Which Direction You Should Go in Today’s Market
  • Module 2: Setting Up Your Office
  • Module 3: Systematizing Marketing Strategies that Actually Bring Results
  • Module 4: How Do I Put Deals Under Contract?
  • Module 5: Mastering Analyzing Deals
  • Module 6: Negotiations For The Win!
  • Module 7: The Fear of Money
  • Common Marketing Issues: The Best Hacks in Direct Mail Marketing
  • Should I or Shouldn’t I Invest in Real Estate: 25 Way to Make Money in Real Estate Now
  • Purchase & Sales Contract: The ONLY Contract You Need to Make Offers
  • Reverse Deal Analyzer: The Easiest Way to Run Numbers for Your Deals
  • Hiring Contractors Training: A Step-by-Step Process in Vetting Contractors
  • BONUS: Independent Contractors Agreement Contract
  • BONUS: Scope of Work Template
  • BONUS: Spec Sheet Template
  • BONUS: Contractor Lien Waiver Template
  • BONUS: Contractor Warranty Template

Hiring a Project Manager Training: When is the Right Time?

  • BONUS: Project Manager Contract
  • BONUS: Repair Estimate Template

Super Bonus #1: FREE Membership as an ActionTaker to the South Atlanta REIA for One Year with access to the member site.
Super Bonus #2: FREE Access to the Real Women in Real Estate Virtual Summit August 2020
…AND ACCESS to all 16 trainings for the next 12 months.
Super Duper EXTRA BONUS Trainings:

  • 10 Ways to 10X Your REI Business: The 10 Most Valuable Tips for Growing Your Business Exponentially
  • Opportunities Zones: Practical Application of Opportunity Zones in the REI World
  • Keys to Creating More Money & More Balance: 3 Keys to Health, Wealth & Happiness
  • Goal Setting to Prosperity: How to Prepare for the Next Year
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