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Robyn Thompson

Rehab Queen


Robyn Thompson is the nations leading expert on buying, renovating and selling homes
for huge chunks of cash and is known throughout the United States and Canada as “The
Queen of Rehab”.

After spending 9 years working a dead end corporate job, Robyn realized that her hard
work and dedication for IBM was not going to provided financial independence. She
walked away from her secure paycheck and never looked back.

Over the past 20 years since Robyn left IBM, she has bought, fixed and sold 390+ homes
with price ranges as low as $8,000 to as high as $4,000,000. She has spent as much as
$2,100,000 in labor and materials in one year to renovate properties with more than 22
contractors working full time to take the run down homes she bought and turn them into
little castles at lightening speed.

Robyn will be sharing her strategies on: 1) How to find the profitable homes that need
renovated, 2) How to find and control the contractors to get the job done and 3) Selling
houses quickly for huge chunks of cash.

Robyn has taught thousands of students throughout the United States how to become
financially independent. She has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Dr Phil, Mark
Victor Hansen, Ron LeGrand, Marshall Sylver & many more legends.

Robyn uses her success in the real estate business to help those less fortunate. The most
critical construction project that Robyn completed was an orphanage in one of the poorest
countries in the world for 165 children.

Robyn presents the most up to date strategies for buying low and selling high to ensure
large profits and that is why she is one of the most high demand speakers in the nation.


Junkers to Millions 5 Day Bootcamp $1997 (Includes Renovating for Massive Profits Course)

Five day intensive Boot Camp on renovating houses. Robyn teaches cutting edge strategies on how to locate the most desperate sellers to create high profit deals. How to raise unlimited capital to fund your rehabs. How to utilize the best contractors to make a home drop dead gorgeous plus how to sell homes quickly for full market value even in tough economic times. PLUS A WHOLE LOT MORE!

Rooms are blocked at a discounted rate of $109.00 for a single or double room per night. The block is under Robyn Thompson/SADIM – Junkers to Millions Room block expires Sept 2oth, 2019.

Renovating for Massive Profits

Renovating a house is the biggest payday in real estate investing you can possibly make. Unfortunately, it’s also full of landmines that can take thousands of dollars to overcome. Renovating for Massive Profits is your map to all of the hurdles, pitfalls and paydays!

This is a complete A-Z course finding, buying, renovating and selling a property.


  • The Rehab Basics
  • Mega Money Marketing
  • Making Multiple Offers
  • Funding Real Estate Deals
  • The Art of Wholesaling
  • The Renovation Process
  • Handling Contractors
  • Selling Houses in Today’s Market