Joining Forces to Give Back and Make and Effect
Positive Change in our Communities

Our Mission

Moving Forward Giving Back is an innovative organization of real estate professionals and investors dedicated to ensuring that people within its communities are able to live self-sufficiently and independently with access to affordable housing. We have joined forces to strengthen our communities, improve the lives of its residents, and encourage others to join us. We believe that by raising awareness of the issues facing our neighborhoods and becoming actively involved in effecting positive change, we are adding value to the communities and building hope for a better future.

Board Members

Stacy Rossetti


Elcia Holmes


Our Vision

We change lives in extraordinary ways. By raising awareness of issues facing our communities, Moving Forward Giving Back, LLC unites people to effect positive change and empowers them to create a positive and productive future.

Contact Us

1227 N. Peachtree Pkwy, #122 Peachtree City, GA. 30269