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Real Estate Knowledge Towards Financial Freedom Through Community, Connection, and Collaboration.

Alan Cowgill

Guest Speaker


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Alan Cowgill – Basic Package

Here’s what you get with this powerful system:

  • A comprehensive 138-page, easy-to-read manual –
  • 6-Super Audio CDs –
  • Special Forms CD-ROM –
  • Professionally Designed Slide Presentation –
  • Awesome Credibility Kit –.
  • Alan’s Audio Business Card –


Alan Cowgill
Millionaire Package


Alan Cowgill’s Millionaire System

Alan Cowgill’s Millionaire System is a step-by-step process that will show you how to secure all of the private lending dollars that you will ever need for all of your projects. Unlike banks, unlike hard-money lenders, and unlike lines of credit or creative financing, private money is easy to get and hold onto. Your private lenders will constantly thank you for the amazing opportunities that are hundreds of times more profitable than the paper securities that many are used to.